International Journal of Educational Foundations and Management (IJEFM)

International Peer Reviewed, Open Access Research Journal

P-ISSN:2350-1812 | E-ISSN:2350-1995 | Estd Year: 2013


Volume 10, Issue 2, MARCH-APRIL 2022

Research Article

 Page no: 01-05

Indirect Taxation in India (A Comparative Study between VAT and GST)

Dr. Lal Baboo Jaiswal

Keywords: Indirect Taxation, Goods and Service Tax, accomplishment

Research Article

 Page no: 06-12

Impact of incorporating the liquidity to the three-factor asset pricing model: Evidence from Sri Lankan finance sector companies

J.M.A. Silva, T.C.Ediriwickrama

Keywords: Vocational and Technology Education, Covid -19 Era, Challenges, Innovations, Nigeria

Research Article

 Page no: 19-36

Investigation of Electromagnetic Interferences Reduction Methods in Photovoltaic System

Hasan Bakheet Jasim

The electromagnetic contamination by sun based plant because of the high-recurrence activity of intensity electronic switching devices in the control framework utilizes the photovo...

Research Article

 Page no: 37-48

Using Images for Analysis of Tumors Grading and Discrimination (Quantitative Texture Analysis Techniques)

Lubna Emad Kadhim, Nawar Banwan Hassan

Unusual growing of cells established within frame was named as tumors. Brain tumors were the intra-cranial blocked growth happens at intervals of the brain or the central canals sp...